• Image of Rowan Fox head keyring

Solid English Rowan, processed from the log in my workshop, laser engraved and triple coated with Danish oil, on a stainless steel swivel clasp with an Ash logo tag.

Rowan (also known as Mountain Ash) is more of an ornamental tree, with a firm history in British folklore, but it's not often used for its timber.
I spotted one being felled near my home a few years ago, and decided to grab a few logs that were destined for the wood chipper. So glad I did because the timber has a lovely colour, with streaks of red and green running through it, plus its very workable and a pleasure to carve. I'll be making more bits with the rest of the wood I have in the future.

Limited to 6.

Length - 11 cm
Width - 3 cm

This product is made in studio by the artist.

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